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Insl-x and Invista Collaborate to Formulate StainMaster Paint

By Tim Wright | February 23, 2007

Invista, in collaboration with Insl-x, has introduced StainMaster paint, a new line of paint for the U.S. architectural paint market. The high performance paint utilizes special resins and pigments that allow for thicker coverage and smoother flow on walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

The StainMaster paint line will include primer and ceiling paint and is available in multiple sheen finishes.

"The StainMaster brand commands over 90% consumer awareness and consumers trust the Stainmaster brand," said Ana Torrence, vice president of Home & Hospitality at Invista. "Statistical market research indicates that approximately 80% of consumers surveyed would be extremely likely or very likely to purchase StainMaster paint when it was compared to other well known premium paint manufacturer's products. This demonstrates the strong equity for the StainMaster brand in this category."

Manufactured by Insl-x Products Corp., the paint products are constructed of a 100% acrylic high solids formulation exclusive to the StainMaster paint line.

"Invista sought out a trademark license with Insl-x because of our capabilities in quality control and experience creating high-performance specialty coatings," said Jim Weil, president of Insl-x. "Everyone we have spoken with regarding StainMaster paint shares in our excitement about delivering something new to the paint industry."

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