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Ecology Coatings opens Detroit office to serve automotive manufacturers

By Tim Wright | March 8, 2007

Ecology Coatings has opened an office in Michigan's Detroit metropolitan area to better serve its customers in the local automotive and manufacturing industries. As part of the company's geographic expansion and preparation for an alternative public offering (APO), Ecology Coatings also announced the addition of a new executive vice president, Adam S. Tracy. Bringing both strategic business and legal experience to the role, Tracy will help guide business development and investor relations for the growing coatings company.

"As Ecology Coatings transitions from a technology innovator to a full-scale commercial operation, we are preparing for increased demand and the integration of sales with marketing campaigns. This new location enables Ecology Coatings to better collaborate with and deliver value to one of our key markets, the U.S. automotive industry," said Richard Stromback, chairman of Ecology Coatings who oversees the Detroit office. "In his new role at the Michigan office, Tracy's ability to create and build industrial business relationships coupled with his legal expertise will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset to Ecology Coatings as it seeks to maximize opportunities throughout the marketplace."

"Ecology Coatings is a high growth company, a technology innovator poised to deliver value to the large and growing global manufacturing industry," said Tracy. "I am looking forward to strategically planning and creating scalable, sustainable business operations from the ground up to facilitate the company's continued expansion."

In his role at Ecology Coatings, Tracy is responsible for the management of joint venture agreements and the strategic licensing of Ecology's proprietary technology as well as interactions with government regulators, contracts, SEC compliance and other legal matters. Prior to joining Ecology Coatings, Tracy worked with the Department of Justice and major corporations including Accenture and BP. A licensed attorney, Tracy holds bachelor's degrees in finance and computer applications development from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA and JD from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. With the addition of Tracy, Ecology Coatings' Michigan office currently employs five staff members.

A necessary final step for nearly every manufactured consumer product, conventional coating technologies are time and energy intensive and often contain polluting solvents. Ecology Coatings' award-winning products address that bottleneck by enabling dramatic process efficiencies for manufacturers without compromising environmental and public health. The ultraviolet (UV) curable, 100 percent solids coatings drive 99% reductions in time, reduce energy expenditures of up to 80% and do not release any air pollutants to the ambient environment. Requiring only a few seconds of UV exposure to form a durable high-performance barrier, Ecology Coatings' products are currently being applied to metals, plastics, electronics, composites, paper and more.

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