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SigmaKalon sells Manage site to Arpadis Group NV

By Tim Wright | April 2, 2007

SigmaKalon has sold its Manage site, including all production facilities, to Arpadis Group NV, that will continue the manufacturing activities. Arpadis Group NV is a growing international organization in the distribution of chemical products serving the paint, resins, polymers, personal care, polyurethane and food industries.

Arpadis is a toll manufacturer of coatings, through a subsidiary—Schoonjans SA. SigmaKalon, BU Industrial Coatings, will continue the production of coatings through toll manufacturing in Manage. All production staff will be employed by Arpadis, without any changes to their employment conditions. The administrative, commercial and R&D staff, approximately 40 employees, will remain employed by SigmaKalon.