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The next generation of color from Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings

By Tim Wright | April 11, 2007

Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings has recently launched its latest color collection—RTS Gen II—following the success of the first generation of Ready of Ship (RTS) products in 2004.

The Generation II RTS Color Palette is comprised of over 244 ready to ship products. The collection has been enhanced to include forecasted trend colors and appearances, as well as approved OEM and end-use specified products. In addition, new product and technology offerings have been added such as Britebond Soft Metals, three metallic effects offered in gold, nickel and copper, and fourteen of the top selling RAL colors in low-ETM TGIC polyester. There are six new Britebond reverse hammer tone products that have also been added in response to the popular look and feel of a by-gone era. Customers can also choose from a series of newly formulated metallic-vein look finishes in a hybrid chemistry that overcome several of the appearance and application issues previously associated with this finish, according to the company.

The collection contains many traditional technologies such as epoxy, polyester, hybrid, acrylic, silicone and nylon powder coatings, as well as many of the innovative powder coatings products developed from Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings such as Britebond, HY, Mor-Temp, The Original Wrinkle, Textra and Grafaway.

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