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Rohm and Haas Polska opens a warehouse near Warsaw

By Tim Wright | November 12, 2007

Rohm and Haas Polska opens a warehouse near Warsaw

Rohm and Haas Polska has opened a brand new warehouse located in Mszczonów, 50 km south of Warsaw. This warehouse will be used as a platform for the supply of Rohm and Haas products to the customers in Poland and in Central Europe.

The main purpose of the new warehouse in Poland is to serve as 24/7 supply center for direct Polish and Central European customers. It is the first Rohm and Haas facility of that type in Central Europe. The in-capacity of the warehouse will start with 1,000 tons of stored materials. Products stored in the warehouse will be supplied from Rohm and Haas manufacturing plants in France (Lauterbourg, Chauny, Semoy), UK (Grangemouth, Dewsbury, Jarrow), Italy (Mozzate, Mozzanica, Parona, Romano) and Sweden (Landskrona).

Establishing a warehouse in Poland is part of the company's strategy for Poland and the region, which was officially launched in October 2006 by opening the Rohm and Haas office in Poland. Rohm and Haas Polska has been created as a platform to manage sales and development in the Central European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Hungary. Creation of the warehouse in Poland will allow Rohm and Haas to further develop and expand its presence in Poland.

"Opening this warehouse is a significant move forward on the Rohm and Haas Polska growth path. Since we officially launched our office in Poland we can already see how substantially it has been developing. This investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the industry and to the market in Poland and in Central Europe. It is the next step in strengthening our position in this region, which we believe has a strategic importance and meaning due to its growth rate and dynamics," said Gilbert Pfau, country manager for Rohm and Haas Polska. "Establishment of a warehouse in Poland will enable Rohm and Haas to meet the increasing demand of our current and future customers with a local supply of performance products specifically tailored to the regional needs."

The newly opened warehouse will trigger significant improvements in customer service. Moreover, Rohm and Haas Polska announced that it has put into place people and innovative tools like SAP and e-commerce to support direct business transactions, improve on-time deliveries, allow lower delivery delays and direct invoicing in the local currency.

"Logistics services are a strategic tool for the creation of strong partner relationships with our customers. Presence on the market and innovative logistic solutions are key to a prospective development. Local business warehouse and tools like SAP and e-commerce will guarantee a more efficient supply chain," said Jean-François Mayer, vice president and regional director for Central Eastern Europe and Turkey.