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Celanese offers emulsion polymers

January 16, 2008

Celanese now offers a broad range of emulsion polymers for interior and exterior architectural finishes for the Chinese paint and coatings market. The new emulsion polymers facility in Nanjing produces a number of innovative products that offer reduced environmental impact. Some of the key products include Celvolit 1602, a vinyl/ethylene (VAE) copolymer emulsion for low emission interior decorative paints; Celvolit 7620 and Celvolit 7605, two acrylate-based products for low-VOC interior water-based wood coatings; and Celvolit Nano 9620, cutting-edge emulsion technology specifically designed for durable and dirt-resistant exterior paint.
Celvolit 1602 can be formulated in interior paint formulations without coalescing solvents to achieve low odor coatings with less than 10 g/L VOC. These paints also exhibit high quality durability and offer good hiding powder, are APEO-free and can be used to formulate freeze/thaw stable coatings.
Celvolit 7620 and 7605 are acrylic-based polymers for use in water-based wood coatings. Coatings made with these polymers provide a high gloss finish with optimal protection for wood surfaces, including heat, water and chemical resistance. Both products are also APEO-free.
Celvolit Nano 9602, an acrylate/silicon dioxide emulsion technology is specifically designed for high performance exterior paints. Coatings formulated with Nano 9620 feature a nano-particle structure in the paint film, resulting in outstanding outdoor weathering behavior with low dirt pick up. The nanostructure also help paints achieve the highest quality standards for water vapor permeability. More info: Celanese, Web: www.connectcelanese.com.

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