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Tikkurila to establish a sales company in Belarus

By Tim Wright | August 15, 2008

Tikkurila to establish a sales company in Belarus

Continuing its strategy of growth in Eastern Europe, Tikkurila has established a sales company—IP Tikkurila—in the capital city Minsk to be responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of Tikkurila's decorative paints and industrial coatings in Belarus.

IP Tikkurila is led by Mauno Nurm, country manager, who has several years' experience of sales and managerial positions in Tikkurila companies in Eastern Europe.

Tikkurila has been exporting paints and coatings to Belarus since the beginning of 2000 through importers. A sales company owned by Tikkurila itself will boost the expansion of its dealer network and increase its market share while also improving service for industrial customers.   
Belarus has a population of approximately nine million and a rapidly developing paint market with a volume of approximately 55 million liters of decorative paints and industrial coatings. Paint consumption per capita is approximately six liters, while the corresponding figure for Western Europe is 15–20 liters. The economic growth in Belarus has been nearly ten percent during the past few years, and this growth rate is expected to continue.

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