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Exousia receives initial supply order for Bohai Ship Building

By Tim Wright | December 9, 2008

Exousia receives initial supply order for Bohai Ship Building

Exousia Advanced Materials, Inc., through its China subsidiary, Tianjin Advanced Materials Inc., has received an initial order from Bohai Ship Building and Repair to supply its PowerShield marine coatings. This order, for approximately $250,000, will include a mix of zinc-rich epoxy primers to advanced non-skid coatings that integrate Exousia's patented Vistamer engineered particles. The order from Bohai represents the beginning of a supply relationship that is expected to result in substantial orders in 2009 and beyond and will include a wide range of production and high-performance marine coatings.

"This is a substantial development for Exousia and is the culmination of our year-long efforts in China," said Exousia CEO, J. Wayne Rodrigue. "We have established an outstanding production facility in Tianjin China that will allow our relationship with Bohai and other customers to grow. Our facility provides Exousia with the foundation to rapidly increase revenue. This initial order with Bohai is significant in that we expect Exousia to become one of their leading suppliers."

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