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ISP showcases protection and performance at ECS 2009

By Tim Wright | March 31, 2009

New performance additives and biocides launched, along with a wood coatings initiative.

At this year’s European Coatings Show (ECS), International Specialty Products (ISP) is highlighting its offerings in both biocides and performance additives for a wide range of coatings applications. The highlight of ISP’s activities at ECS 2009 is the launch of a new initiative in support of wood coatings manufacturers called Wood Care Technology. The initiative features technology and products to provide protection against virtually every type of wood degradation. Foremost of these new technologies is ISP’s SunCare line of lignin protection products. Other new products introduced at ECS include WetCare, an extreme hydrophobicity technology, and Fungitrol 400 G, a free-flowing granular form of the biocide IPBC.

According to Scott Edris, senior director of global marketing, performance and agricultural chemicals for ISP, a broad product portfolio and a commitment to innovation and problem solving are essential in supplying coatings manufacturers. “The coatings industry has some of the toughest quality and performance criteria of any industrial materials made today,” he said. “Today at ISP we offer a broad portfolio of performance ingredients that can help our customers solve a formulating problem or enable them to develop new products that offer demonstrable advantages to their customers.”

The new SunCare Lignin Protection ingredient line from ISP functions by stabilizing the primary lignin in the wood itself, representing a ‘first line of defense’ against a range of factors that cause wood degradation. The technology functions by penetrating and stabilizing lignins within the interior surface area of wood. At ECS, ISP introduced three new products in the SunCare series: SunCare Concentrate, SunCare UV Concentrate and SunCare 800. The first two products serve as additives in primer and stain applications. The third product, SunCare 800, is a ready-to-use formulated primer for untreated exterior wood. Studies by ISP have shown that when SunCare Lignin Protection technology is used as a primer or as an additive, it can significantly increase the level of wood protection and prevent yellowing of coatings, two important benefits that enable warrantable ‘long-lasting’ performance claims on industrial and consumer products.

With the introduction of WetCare at ECS, a state-of-the-art water repellency additive that uses nanotechnology to deliver an extreme hydrophobic layer of protection to a broad range of wood, textiles, paper and paperboard coatings, ISP has raised the bar in long-term protection. WetCare is a nano-scalic distribution of a hydrophobic polyethylene-paraffin emulsion, stabilized with zirconium chelates. This stabilization of the emulsion links the hydrophobic agent, via covalent bonding, to the hydroxyl groups of the substrate. This chemistry forms an extremely hydrophobic layer on the substrate after application, offering long-term protection of wood, paper and paperboards against water. WetCare can be used as an additive in wood primer formulations or as a finished product after dilution with water. WetCare is a part of ISP’s Wood Care Technology initiative. As a coating ingredient, it can be used synergistically with the SunCare Lignin Protection line and with other wood protection additives designated for primers and topcoats.

With the introduction of Fungitrol 400 G preservative at ECS, ISP remains focused on novel, more efficient, safe ways to deliver IPBC-based biocides into coatings formulations. Fungitrol 400 G preservative is a 100% active IPBC (3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate) in a free-flowing granular form. The preservative has been designed to improve upon standard grades of IPBC in handling, processing and improved worker safety, and as an alternative to other IPBC products that use free-flow additives. It has the same active content and spectrum of activity as the original form of the product and has the same purity, with no filler or chemical additives. With the introduction of Fungitrol 400 G preservative, ISP solved important handling issues, improving worker safety in a product that is 100% active.

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