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Cytec promotes “Sustainable Change” at the European Coatings Show

By Tim Wright | April 1, 2009

Cytec Industries Inc. is addressing the need for “Sustainable Change” at the European Coatings Show.

Cytec Industries Inc. is addressing the need for “Sustainable Change” at the European Coatings Show. The company is presenting several new environmentally friendly products including radcure UV/EB curable resins and additives, liquid coating resins and additives, and powder coating resins and additives.

“Today, the coatings industry constantly needs to change to be able to address new environmental as well as social and economic challenges,” said Jean-Marc Durbuis, vice president of Cytec Surface Specialties. “In order to support the industry in reducing its environmental footprint, to respond to new legislation such as REACH and VOC regulations and therefore to successfully implement change, Cytec has focused its development efforts on environmentally friendly products.”

Radcure UV/EB Curable Resins and Additives is showcasing new solutions for high gloss applications on wood and plastics, pigmented high end wooden furniture top-coats as well as a new Xi-free binder for wooden furniture transparent base-coats. New EBECRYL 3639 epoxy acrylate has been developed for a broad range of applications in need of flexibility, outstanding reactivity and good surface resistance.

Liquid Coating Resins and Additives is featuring a series of new solutions for the formulation of environmentally friendly shop-primers for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, waterborne two-pack topcoats for metal applications, as well as a new low VOC polyurethane dispersion for wood flooring, furniture and kitchen cabinets. Two new RESYDROL alkyd emulsions offer new possibilities for high performance trim paints and primers for wood, as well as for general industry applications in need of good top coat quality and corrosion performance.

Powder Coating Resins and Additives is introducing an innovative solution for 50/50 hybrid powder coatings on MDF substrates. It will also present a product range for producing matte finishes in one extrusion. These novel CRYLCOAT polyester resins enable the manufacture of controlled-gloss paints with gloss levels between 5-40%.

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