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SprayMax Introduces

April 14, 2009

SprayMax Introduces
Floor Coating
SprayMax Industrial Coatings of Jacksonville, FL has introduced DeckraTex Spray Non Skid Floor Coating after seven years of testing. DeckraTex is an aliphatic polyurea that has been pre-reacted and suspended in water. This is important as there are no dangerous fumes to cause need of building evacuation during application.
DecraTex is mixed 50/50 by volume with a customers choice of quartz, silica or other type media. As a simple non-skid floor coating for an industrial application the contractor can tint the UV stable DecraTex to his choice of color. Adding silica sand the DeckraTex Floor Coating mix can be spray applied with an inverted Hopper Gun or for larger jobs a Graco SprayTex 1500.
DeckraTex can also be mixed with Multi Color Quartz to give a multi-color granite appearance as a floor coating. With the simple use of tape, patterns such as tile or brick can be created and sprayed over. The tape is pulled up on cure. DeckraTex typical applications include garage floors, driveways, patio floors and industrial floors such as meat cutting plants and bakeries where USDA compliance for non-direct food contact is a must.

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