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AkzoNobel reinvents Glidden brand

By Tim Wright | June 30, 2009

AkzoNobel recently relaunched its Glidden brand under a series of initiatives.

AkzoNobel recently relaunched its Glidden brand under a series of initiatives, which include improving the overall quality of Glidden paint; simplifying the Glidden color palette to 282 colors; guiding color choices with the introduction of Glidden's Top 10 Colors; making premixed, ready-to-use testers available in every color; increasing the size of Glidden color chips and suggesting coordinating colors on the card; and redesigning packaging and color centers. Glidden's price will not change with the brand's reinvention.

The company celebrated the launch of the new Glidden paint with a free one quart giveaway in any of its new palette of 282 colors. Glidden paint debuted its new products and tools in New York City on June 11, where dozens of Broadway dancers, with paint cans and paint brushes in hand, coverged on the steps of Manhattan's Union Square Park for a performance.

Available at The Home Depot stores, the new Glidden paint is designed to help restore consumer confidence and simplify the color selection process, two factors often cited for preventing homeowners from starting or completing their painting projects.

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