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BASF Will Showcase a Wide Range of New Products

By Tim Wright | November 16, 2009

BASF will be showcasing new products and customer-orientated solutions at CHINACOAT 2009 in Shanghai, the leading trade fair for the coatings and inks industry in Asia Pacific.

BASF will be showcasing new products and customer-orientated solutions at CHINACOAT 2009 in Shanghai, the leading trade fair for the coatings and inks industry in Asia Pacific. At BASF’s boothE3B08-10 BASF experts will present to visitors from the coatings, paints, adhesives, printing, packaging and construction chemicals industries a comprehensive range of offerings and value-added services.

BASF product highlights at CHINACOAT 2009:

Lumina Royal Blue (globally first launched in Asia)
Luminar Royal is a high chromaticity generation of effect pigments based on natural mica. It is BASF's most advanced generation of interference pigments and exhibits the highest chromaticity with a new, optimized particle size distribution referred to as “H” fraction. The targeted market segment for Lumina Royal Blue is automotive coatings, consumer electronics, sporting goods and print packaging.

Sicopal Orange L 2430 (newly launched in Asia)
Latest developments in paint technology and color trends require new pigments. BASF introduces a newly inorganic orange: Sicopal Orange L 2430 to meet the highest requirements in orange and red shades in the coatings industry. It allows coating manufacturers to extend color space coverage with inorganic pigments.

Glacier Frost White effect pigments (newly launched in Asia)
Glacier Frost White effect pigments represent the newest generation of synthetic mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide. Conventional pearl pigments usually have a yellowish appearance due to colored impurities of the mica core. For aesthetic reasons, more pure and white appearance of pearl pigments is desired. Glacier Frost White effect pigment provides a clean pearl appearance with blue undertone as well as sparkling effects in all shade areas.

Acronal ECO 612 ap (for premium interior paint)
BASF's new dispersion Acronal ECO 612 ap, is a patented technology for interior paint and is environmental friendly and APEO-free. Acronal ECO 612 ap also delivers stain resistance, thus making the paint more durable.

Laromer WA 9057, UA 9059 and UA 9060
BASF presents a new range of water-based UV products (Laromer WA 9057, UA 9059 and UA 9060) and 100% solid products for flooring applications (Laromer PR 9052, PR 9058 and UA 9065. The Laromerresins and monomers for water-based radiation curing are VOC-free and allow fast drying for more challenging applications and production in a more energy efficiency way.

Joncryl FLX 5020
Joncryl FLX 5020 is an improved version of Joncryl FLX 5010 and has an excellent resistance/resolubility balance. This new product further extends the possibilities of printing medium and heavy duty applications in the flexible packaging market. It allows the user to achieve high quality on surface print jobs by using water-based ink formulations

Irgazin Solid Red
Irgazin Solid Red is a high performing yellowish red based on its high saturation, opacity and light fastness. This new pigment opens new styling opportunities and extends the solid red color space for automotive coatings.

Irgaflow 100 and Irgaflow 110
BASF's new leveling agents for solvent based applications based on fluoroether modified acrylic polymers demonstrate enhanced leveling properties, better compatibility (less haze) across a broader range of resin systems compared to the generation developed earlier on.

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