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BYK Additives and Instruments has Introduced Two New Products at CHINACOAT 2009

By Tim Wright | November 20, 2009

BYK Additives and Instruments has introduce Anti-Terra 250 and DisperBYK-2155 at CHINACOAT 2009.

BYK Additives and Instruments has introduce Anti-Terra 250 and DisperBYK-2155 at CHINACOAT 2009. Anti-Terra 250 was designed to help with the problem of waterborne coating systems containing inorganic pigments and extenders settling and separating. Controlled flocculating additives like Anti-Terra 203 and Anti-Terra 204, which were developed years ago for solventborne paints, stabilize pigments as well but also provide the additional benefit of improved anti-settling properties. These controlled flocculating additives form a network via hydrogen bonds, modify the rheology profile and form a yield point. To comply with the requirements of recent waterborne formulations, BYK transferred the successful concept of controlled flocculating additives and designed its successor, Anti-Terra 250.

DisperBYK-2155 wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-free and solventborne systems is 100% high solids and VOC-free. Environmental concerns have lead to modified coatings formulations, and in the recent past there has been growing demand for high-solids systems. This technology calls for additives with high solids content. Often, these additives suffer from poor flowability, in particular if they have a higher molecular weight. Bringing the opposites in line, BYK developed a high molecular, 100% solids additive that provides outstanding deflocculation and stabilization, but avoids the usual drawbacks. DisperBYK-2155 is entirely flowable, storage stable and covers a wide compatibility range. DisperBYK-2915 is VOC-free and suitable for all applications where VOCs are a concern. Benefits include flowability and high molecular weight at the same time, good millbase viscosity reduction, no yellowing in baking systems, no impact on drying time of 2-pack systems and wide compatibility.

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