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Wacker launches silicone products for sustainable coating applications

March 16, 2010

At Interlakokraska 2010, held in Moscow, Russia from March 9-12, the Wacker Group presented new solvent-free silicone resins and silicone resin emulsions for heat-resistant or water-based coatings. One of the products Wacker introduced was Silres IC 232, a new alkoxy silicone resin intermediate, which imparts resistance to heat and weathering to various organic binders. It is used for the production of siliconized polyester, alkyd, epoxy and acrylic resins. One possible application for Silres IC 232 is for exterior coil coatings. Another product introduction was Silres MP 50 E, a new silicone resin emulsion that conforms to international standards such as regulations issued by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the German Federal Agency for Risk Assessment. It is now possible to create a water-based silicone resin coating that, when fully hardened, provides a surface coating suitable for kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and grills.

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