Non-Stick Anti-Graffiti Coating From Seicoat

September 15, 2010

GPA-300 helps remove graffiti without chemicals.

Nearly any type of surface can be made graffiti-proof with the application of GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer  Non-Stick coating from Seicoat Cor­poration. Benefits include graffiti removal without the use of any chemicals. According to the manufacturer, and as proven by a third party test lab via ASTM 6578 graffiti resistance test, the Graffiti Proofer coating does not allow anything to stick to it, including paint, permanent marker, stickers and adhesives. The anti-graffiti coating incorporates a unique nanotechnological constituent that both penetrates the structure and builds a durable non-stick and chemical resistant film. Any graffiti residue can be wiped away with a dry cloth or water flushing without the use of any cleaning chemicals. The Seicoat coating is water-clear, permanent, UV stable, and chemical and abrasion  resistant.  The product is environmentally friendly, non-reactive and VOC, CARB and AQMD compliant. It is also the only single component anti-graffiti coating approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation       

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