Performance Coatings Int'l Introduces Vueguard 901 AG5-HP

November 10, 2010

PCI's new anti-microbial keyboard coatings are scratch resistant.

Performance Coatings International (PCI) has introduced anti-microbial and scratch-resistant coatings, specifically formulated for computer keyboards, laptops, mobile devices and other personal technology systems. Vueguard 901 AG5-HP is a line of UV curable coatings that enhance the scratch resistance, microbial resistance, wearability and anti-glare properties of plastic keyboards and enclosures. The low-gloss coatings provide 100 percent adhesion on polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS and other popular polymeric substrates. Vueguard 901 AG5-HP can be applied via spray, roll, or flow coating and is custom formulated for a textured or soft feel keyboard. In ABS wear resistance felt tests with a 200 gram load, Vueguard provides wear resistance greater than 300,000 cycles with no visible scratches, according to the company. In antimicrobial tests under JIS Z 2801 protocol using Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, the coatings provide 5.4 times greater resistance than uncoated materials, the company said.

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