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Cognis Launches Foamstar A 46 Polymer-based Defoamer

November 11, 2010

Cognis has launched FoamStar A 46, a Star polymer-based organo-modified silicone defoamer, which can improve the film appearance properties of paint. According to the firm, it is an excellent defoamer for zero to 50 g/l VOC, medium to low PVC premium paints, and enables manufacturers to meet the need for low emission paint. The new high-performance defoamer works agains micro-foam and can be used in both highly tinted and high-gloss paints. Its high persistency and good dispersibility help to improve the film properties of VOC-free paints. In addition, FoamStar A 46 reduces the amount of defoamer needed by up to 50%, while also delivering very fast bubble break times.