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Shamrock Showcases New Additives Technology

November 11, 2010

Shamrock Technologies’ latest product offerings include MicroFLON, NanoFLON and Fluoro-T fluoropolymer additives. Part of Shamrock’s premium line of PTFE products, they are specifically designed for applications where anti-wear and friction modification are essential, according to the company. The MicroFLON prime PTFE grade offers customers a broader range of applications including food contact, and the tight process and particle size control deliver superior dispersion and distribution benefits. NanoFLON prime PTFE grade offers particle sizes as small as 200 nanometers, which provides a break-through in slip, abrasion-resistance and release, according to the company. The Fluoro-T product line offers outstanding coefficient of friction and wear resistance in both nylon and acetal (POM) applications.

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