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PPG publishes new brochure for sustainable building design

February 11, 2011

PPG Industries has published EcoLogical Solutions, a brochure highlighting the company’s architectural glass, coatings and paint products for the green building industry. The latest edition of the brochure, which was last published in 2006, features new products including Duranar Vari-Cool coatings that integrate color-shifting, polychromatic pigments with proprietary Ultra-Cool metal roof and siding technology by PPG; Solarban R100 glass, a neutral-reflective, solar-control, low-emissivity glass; Sungate 400 glass, a passive low-emissivity glass with a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) “soft coat” that helps commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates retain heat from the sun and reduce winter heating costs; and Duranar powder coatings, which combine the environmental advantages of powder coatings with the aesthetic versatility and performance benefits of Duranar liquid fluoropolymer coatings. The 12-page booklet also highlights PPG’s commitment to environmental stewardship through ongoing research and development, supply chain management, manufacturing-related green innovation and support of numerous global environmental organizations. To order a copy of EcoLogical Solutions, visit

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