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Konica Minolta Sensing launches FD-Series Spectrodensitometers

March 15, 2011

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA) has launched in the U.S. its new FD-Series Spectrodensitometers for the digital imaging market. The new FD-Series Spectrodensitometers will come in two models—the FD-5 and FD-7. Both will be lightweight, handheld models that can measure density and color while taking into account the fluorescence of the paper substrate. The FD-5 and FD-7 each are equipped with Konica Minolta’s VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard) technology that enables color evaluation under Illuminant D50, the standard light source used by the printing industry for color assessment. The VFS technology takes advantage of the optical, sensor, and software technology cultivated through Konica Minolta’s long experience with color measuring instruments. The FD-Series was developed to be the first spectrodensitometer on the market to correspond to the ISO 13655 M1 standard for fluorescence and color measurement. It also includes the industries first Automatic Wavelength Compensation feature, which automatically calibrates in the wavelength direction when white calibration is performed.

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