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BASF launches pigments for auto coatings

April 5, 2011

BASF has launched a number of new pigments for automotive coatings. Paliocrom Brilliant Gold is the newest effect pigment in the Paliocrom Brilliant product family. Due to its high chroma and lightness, Paliocrom Brilliant Gold enables designers to create eye-catching effects, according to the company. Paliocrom Brilliant Gold’s performance makes it specially recommended for use in high-quality automotive finishes, industrial paints and coatings for computers, communications devices and consumer goods.

Lumina Royal Blue is a new intense red-shade blue interference pigment, which allows reduced amounts of pigment in standard effect shades, thereby improving the physical properties of the coating without sacrificing the overall interference effect. Lumina Royal Blue is the first high-chromaticity effect pigment being launched as part of BASF’s extension to the Lumina effect pigment portfolio. This new effect pigment offers the highest color strength, brightness, brilliancy and chromaticity of any blue pigment currently available, the company said.
Heliogen Blue L 6600 F is the latest development in blue Heliogen pigments. Heliogen Blue L 6600 F is a Pigment Blue 15:6 copper phthalocyanine blue pigment with enhanced coloristic performance and excellent secondary properties. Its color strength leads to improved economy in application in that less pigment is needed, which leads to higher cost effectiveness. The pigment is a member of the “neutral flop” blue series. The neutral color flop allows styling trends with limited color shift when viewed from different angels.

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