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Ebbinghaus Verbund GmbH acquires Greenkote license

April 7, 2011

Greenkote technology broadens its reach into Germany.

Greenkote Plc, a global coating technology company, has sold an Applicators and Supply License to Ebbinghaus Verbund GmbH, a specialized metal surface coater and finishing company of Solingen, Germany.

Ebbinghaus has begun production of metal coating operations utilizing the Greenkote patented Thermo-Diffusion coating technology in March 2011. The new coating line is located at the Ebbinghaus Styria facility in Graz, Austria to enhance anti-corrosion capabilities for its current E-Coat, powder and wet paint finishing systems for fasteners and formed metal components supplied to the automotive, industrial and construction markets.

Arie Laor, Greenkote CEO, said the addition of coating capacity for Thermo-Diffusion systems as continued validation of the technology for high performance corrosion protection required by the European automotive and industrial markets.

Greenkote provides a range of coating services through group-owned plants, joint ventures and licensing relationships. Numerous companies are evaluating the Greenkote coating technology to be used in combination with their own products.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Greenkote Plc coatings provide protection on an array of parts used in the automotive, construction, defense/small weapon and electronics industries. Greenkote's patented coating technology improves the properties of a wide range of metals, alloys and sintered powders giving them added qualities such as increased resistance to low and high temperature corrosion, increased wear resistance and better bonding to rubber and plastic. In addition, the Greenkote coating process is environmentally friendly and designed to ensure all excess materials are recycled or reused in the process. Currently, Greenkote has plant locations and licenses in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel.