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Dow Microbial Control partners with Valspar

July 12, 2011

Dow Microbial Control partnered with Valspar to launch the inaugural Innovation Day in Shunde, Guangdong Province, China. This event not only represented the business innovative strategy of “Innovate with Customers,” “In China, For China,” and a global vision, but also demonstrated its firm commitment to growing with customers together.

Dow Microbial Control offers leading expertise and a complete portfolio of microbial control products to help solve all kinds of microbial problems including plant hygiene, in-can preservation, dry-film protection and antimicrobial coating, etc and meets the evolving regulatory needs of our customers. Dow Microbial Control Quality Inspection Center, in particular, brings together the experts and laboratory facilities of Dow Microbial Control Technical Customer Application Center. It is therefore well positioned to providing specialized monitoring and testing of microbial biocides and preservatives, while helping customers solve the problems of microbial control, from specialty products to commercialization.

“As a world-leading coating company, Valspar champions the concept of openness and innovation, and an important element of this concept is external partnership and sharing of resources. Dow is the largest and most respected chemical company in the world, and it shares a similar concept to ours,” said Robert G. Duan, technical director of Valspar Asia. “I’m extremely delighted to see these two companies working together towards a common goal, and developing break-through technologies for the coating industry. Innovation Day has been a great success, marking a good beginning to our closer collaboration in the long run.”