Citadel Polyurea Coatings offers single component Poly100-SC

July 13, 2011

Citadel Polyurea Coatings offers Poly100-Single Component, a primer body coat in their series of single component polyurea (SCP) floor coatings. Poly100-SC has zero VOCs, making it an ideal solution for reducing environmental impact in both solid color and broadcast systems. Poly100-SC offers several benefits, both to contractors and their customers, over epoxy and traditional Polyurea, according to the company. Some of its more notable benefits include: unlimited pot life, zero VOC, self –leveling and fast cure. Poly100’s unique composition allows it to retain Polyurea’s usual four to eight hour walk on and 24-hour return to service when applied, despite its unlimited pot-life. It also retains Polyurea’s elongation and flexibility, and remains a “green” product.