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Chemark Consulting expands business with new division

August 9, 2011

Newly created Global Strategic Positioning Division will assist clients in establishing businesses in target regions of the world.

The Chemark Consulting Group, Inc., Southern Pines, N.C., has created a new company entity—The Global Strategic Positioning Division (GSPD).

Chemark is a globally recognized management consulting company focusing on all aspects of the
coatings, paints, adhesives, sealants and specialty chemicals value chains for 37 years. The newly created Global Strategic Positioning Division, will assist clients in establishing
businesses in target regions of the world.

The new division provides firsthand knowledge in the development of critical national and global growth strategies involving technology development, sales and marketing, distribution, licensing, merger-acquisition-alliance and their resulting integration, joint ventures, spin offs, roll-ups, etc.

Experienced staffing includes backgrounds in chemicals, polymers, plastics and electronics.

“Although Chemark has been operating in this space for some time, due to the accelerated
decision-making time frames associated with the industries we serve, we feel it is opportune to
officially form a divisional activity around our experienced staff," said Dr. Phil Phillips, president and managing director of Chemark. 

Dr. Phillips will head the new GSPD while John Lowry and Dan Watson will concentrate on the Americas and Europe/Asia-Pacific regions respectively.

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