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IdeaPaint selects Resinate Materials Group as key technology partner

September 9, 2011

Dry-erase coatings maker teams with custom resin manufacturer to produce first-of-its-kind, dry-erase base coating.

Resinate Materials Group, Inc., a designer of customized, high-performance resin systems for the paint and coating industries, has been selected by IdeaPaint, a creator of high-performance dry-erase paint solutions, to serve as a key product development partner.

The collaboration between Resinate and IdeaPaint has resulted in the recent launch of IdeaPaint’s BASE, a high quality base coat that optimizes the performance of all IdeaPaint two component dry-erase coatings. Resinate’s resin system contributed to the development of base coat technology that produces an extremely smooth surface, eliminating the need for sanding from the application process.

“The cooperation of our two driven technology teams has produced a product that saves IdeaPaint’s customers steps and time while enhancing IdeaPaint’s exacting standards for quality and performance,” said Brian Phillips, president and CEO of Resinate Materials Group. “Resinate is proud to partner with IdeaPaint and looks forward to future opportunities to push the boundaries of technological excellence.”

“IdeaPaint and Resinate have developed base coat technology optimally engineered to maximize the performance and durability of IdeaPaint’s entire product line,” said Bob Munroe, CEO of IdeaPaint.

IdeaPaint BASE is now available to IdeaPaint’s customers globally.