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LORD Corp introduces low VOC Autoseal RC-3007 aqueous coating

September 9, 2011

Designed for use on EPDM sponge seals to reduce noise from automotive vibration and impart ice-release characteristics, LORD Corporation's Autoseal RC-3007 coating is part of a two-pack system that uses either Autoseal 3462B cross-linker or Autoseal 3463B cross-linker. The low VOC coating greatly reduces unwanted itch and squeak noise caused from automobile vibration, while also preventing ice from sticking to coated rubber weatherstrip seals. Since electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt make very little noise, designers and engineers incorporate numerous initiatives throughout the car to isolate road and drive system noise from the cabin. Autoseal RC-3007 is used on the Volt's liftgate seal to minimize road noise and create a quiet interior environment. The coating was also selected for use on other traditional powertrain vehicle platforms and has recently been added to the GM Best Practice list. Autoseal RC-3007 is available in a black and clear version.