Glasurit’s new steel primer paste turns 68 Line into a DTM solution

September 13, 2011

Glasurit’s Ratio Truck System and the associated 68 Line topcoat system are designed to meet the requirements posed by commercial vehicle finishes. To do so better, Glasurit has launched a steel primer paste to complement the 68 Line. Glasurit 568-46 CV-Steel Primer Paste turns the 68 Line into a “direct to metal application system” (DTM system). When used in combination with CV-Steel Primer Paste, the 68 Line topcoats can be applied directly to metal as a DTM topcoat with a 50:50 mixing ratio. For commercial vehicle bodyshops, this provides an economically efficient solution for painting chassis, dumper/tipper bodies and container cars with good corrosion protection and good adhesion. Also, the CV Steel Primer Paste can be mixed 70:30 with a 68 Line topcoat for application as a tinted primer filler in a two-layer system.