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Arkema offers Synaqua 4804 alkyd emulsion

September 14, 2011

Arkema Coating Resins offers Synaqua 4804 alkyd. Synaqua 4804 alkyd emulsion technology allows the formulation of solvent-free waterborne paint with application performances that are very similar to those of traditional solvent-based paint and lacquer, in particular in terms of gloss and film resistance, according to the company. It also ensures adhesion onto old alkyd paint, and can be used indoors and outdoors both in primers and in topcoats on most supports, including wood and metal, thanks to its stability with anti-corrosion pigments. Partly based on raw materials of plant origin (41 percent biosourced carbon from total carbon), Synaqua 4804 also produces very low VOC glossy paint, and can be used in paint carrying the European eco-label.

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