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Lord Corp. develops new low HAP primer and adhesives

October 4, 2011

LORD Corporation has developed a series of general purpose Chemlok adhesives using low HAP solvents.

Designed for industrial customers who are looking to bond a wide variety of elastomers to various metals and other rigid substrates during vulcanization of the elastomer, LORD Chemlok adhesives and primer are environmentally resistant and easy to apply. The series includes LORD Chemlok 205LH, LORD Chemlok 207LH Primer and 220LH and 6411LH low Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) adhesives. These products offer an alternative solvent system.

“Environmental regulations are constantly evolving," said Karen Sy-Laughner, industrial marketing manager, Americas, LORD Corporation. "As leaders in our industry, we realize the importance of providing our customers with a variety of choices. Our strategy is to offer not only aqueous Chemloks as our environmentally preferred solutions but also other products with alternative solvents."

LORD Chemlok 220LH and 6411LH adhesives are low HAP, lead-free covercoat adhesives designed for use over Chemlok 205LH and 207LH primer. Composed of a mixture of polymers, organic compounds and mineral fillers dissolved or dispersed in a low HAP organic solvent system, the 220LH and 6411LH adhesive systems will bond compounds based on natural rubber (NR), polyisoprene (IR), styrene-butadiene (SBR), polycholorprene (CR) and nitrile (NBR) to most metals and rigid plastic substrates. The Chemlok 205LH and 207LH primer helps to ensure environmental resistance of the bonded assembly and adhesion to the substrate.

Applied by dip, spray or brush methods, Chemlok 220LH and 6411LH adhesives provide good resistance to heat, fluids and corrosive atmospheres. Further, the Chemlok 205LH and 207LH primer have durable rubber tearing bonds and environmental resistance, used in combination with Chemlok 220LH or 6411LH, provides a brilliant blue color for easy identification. With resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions including hot solutions of ethylene/propylene glycol and water, Chemlok 207LH is suitable for existing production lines.

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