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Sherwin-Williams launches anti-graffiti polyurethane coating

October 18, 2011

Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has introduced 2K Water-based Urethane Anti-Graffiti, a low VOC (<100 g/L), super hydrophobic polyurethane coating that provides graffiti resistance and simplifies graffiti removal. This new coating system is the first in the industry to include tintable gloss and satin versions, the company says.

Requiring only a dry cloth or environmentally friendly citrus cleaner to remove most types of graffiti, the coating is intended to protect bridges, overpasses and railcars, as well as commercial buildings, schools and transit stations, from being permanently defaced with spray paint or markers. Because the product is water-based, applicators need only soap and water to clean up after application. 

“A gloss finish isn’t appealing for every surface, so this product provides aesthetic options while maintaining its intrinsic anti-graffiti properties,” said Dee McNeil, Sherwin-Williams bridge and highway market development director. “With color and gloss retention, the coating won’t fade or chalk over time. Also, it’s easy to use – the product comes in pre-measured sizes for easy mixing and can be used on virtually any prepared surface.” 

Fast-drying and versatile for maintenance crews to use, it can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Additionally, the coating can be shaded to almost any color in-store, providing a wide range of color options.

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