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Dow Corning unveils superwetting silicon additives for waterborne and UV coatings

November 10, 2011

Formulators of waterborne and UV coatings can now consistently achieve good spreading and wetting - even at low addition levels - thanks to a new family of Dow Corning brand superwetting additives effective on difficult-to-wet substrates such as wood, plastics and metal. Dow Corning 67 Additive and new Dow Corning 500W Additive, Dow Corning 501W Additive and Dow Corning 502W Additive are 100 percent silicone polyether copolymers that are recoatable; have little or no influence on slip; are solvent-free, BTX-free and low VOC; and are effective at low addition levels. In addition, Dow Corning 500W Additive is stable even at high pH, and Dow Corning 67 Additive and Dow Corning 501W Additive are compliant with European legislation for indirect food contact (Swiss Ordinance RS 817.023.21 Annex 6, Part B).

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