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Dow introduces next generation of catalyst technology

November 10, 2011

The Dow Chemical Company has introduced Consista C601 polypropylene, the first 6th generation Ziegler Natta catalyst. Consista C601 is a non-phthalate based catalyst system with broad applicability and advantaged capability to produce high performance polymers. Requiring no capital or upgrades to existing facilities, this catalyst system enables polypropylene producers to recognize numerous process advantages and product benefits, according to the company. Consista C601 Catalyst was used in production trials at Slovnaft Petrochemicals s.r.o. in Bratislavia, Slovakia. There, Consista C601 was used to produce homopolymer and high melt flow impact copolymers where significant process advantages were recognized while maintaining excellent product quality. Consista C601 demonstrated excellent catalyst yield and the capability to make a broad range of products with a non-phthalate based catalyst system.