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Momentive introduces odor-free technology for UV curable coatings

November 10, 2011

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. has introduced a technology that offers the use of odor-free UV curable release coatings for sensitive applications where odor may not be acceptable to end-users. The new SilForce products can be considered for applications such as tapes on disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products. SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator is an odor-free catalyst, produced without the use of organic solvents, for use with Momentive's SilForce low odor UV curable polymers. In addition to odor-free cure, typical performance properties include: low temperature cure typically needed for thermally sensitive paper and film substrates; rapid photocure in ambient atmosphere; general compatibility with medium pressure mercury vapor UV lamps; high reactivity; and cationic type photocure. SilForce UV9800 and SilForce UV9815 silicone release polymers are new products offered for use with SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator for odorless release coating applications. When used with SilForce UV9880C photoinitiator, the odor-free polymers, also manufactured without organic solvents, can provide benefits, including: a rating of 1 on a 1 (none or slight) to 5 (strong) scale used in independent odor panel testing; highly crosslinked coating with minimal silicone transfer; stable release from a wide range of adhesives; lengthy catalyzed bath life when stored in cool, dark conditions.

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