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Valspar Industrial's Cold Galv Primer

January 11, 2012

Reformulated to provide a more durable and crack-resistant coating, Valspar has introduced its Industrial Cold Galv Primer.

“Valspar’s Cold Galv Primer is the ideal solution for priming iron and steel surfaces as well as scratched, hot-dip galvanized metal,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar.  “Our cold galv primer protects against the most extreme elements and provides a long-lasting superior zinc coating."

Valspar’s Industrial Cold Galv Primer dries to a durable and crack-resistant coating, stops rust creepage and has excellent outdoor durability, resisting the corrosive effects of chemicals and salt. Its electrochemical galvanic action continues to protect even if scratched, and it matches new galvanized metal with a dry film containing more than 85 percent zinc said the company.

Applications include piping, tanks, bins, machinery, heavy capital structures and vehicle bodies.  Intended for professional use only and should only be used on metal substrates.