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API offers anti-fingerprint oleophobic DIY coating Fussode COAT for electronic devices

August 23, 2012

API Corporation has launched what it says is the world's first anti-fingerprint oleophobic DIY coating kit—Fussode COAT—for smartphones and tablet PCs and started selling the kit on Amazon. This technology was originally developed for smartphone and tablet PC manufacturers, and many major brands apply this as their default anti-fingerprint coating. API manufactures a user-friendly DIY coating kit based on its own anti-fingerprint coating technology for the touch screen surface.

Many people use screen protectors for smartphones but they struggle with installation difficulties, bubbles, scratches, display's crispness loss, nonslip surface and very poor anti-fingerprint performance. On the other hand, default anti-fingerprint coating on smartphone touch screens will wear off in a couple of months.

Fussode COAT was designed as a solution that can reproduce durable anti-fingerprint coating of the same strength as the manufacturer's original coating because it's approved and applied as default coating of manufacturers.

Fussode COAT is a liquid coating with which the user can form ultra thin film (10nm) on touch screens. The coating will firmly bond with touch screen glass by covalent bonding mechanism.

API Corporation is a Japanese nano coating technology firm who provides anti-fingerprint solution to smartphone makers and Fussode COAT brand for consumer market.