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Cytec to discuss advances in wood coatings at the Parquet and Furniture Coatings Conference

November 9, 2012

 Cytec Industries Inc. will be participating in the upcoming "Parquet & Furniture Coatings" conference organized by Vincentz Network. Bud Equi, Technology Director for the Crosslinker Business Team in the Cytec Coatings Resins Group, will give a presentation entitled "High Performance Wood Coatings Without Formaldehyde or Isocyanates."

"The market for industrial wood coatings is dynamic, and both raw material suppliers and coatings manufacturers face many challenges in developing new coating formulations that provide the desired level of performance, meet the changing expectations of consumers, and comply with a wide range of regulatory requirements," said Equi. "With this new crosslinker technology from Cytec, it is possible to formulate solvent-based, formaldehyde- and isocyanate-free, ambient and low energy cure coatings with the potential to meet the desired performance and appearance properties of current industrial wood systems while eliminating worker and consumer safety issues associated with exposure to formaldehyde and isocyanates."

The conference will take place on November 27-28 in Berlin, Germany. Cytec's presentation will be given November 28th 9:30 AM.

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