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Resinate Releases R-162 Starting Formulations for Protective Coatings

November 29, 2012

PLYMOUTH, Michigan - Resinate Materials Group, Inc.™, a provider of resins and technology for the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers industries, is pleased to announce that is has released starting formulation data for Resinate’s R-162 resin product line.  The starting formulations will give current and potential new clients critical information on how to most effectively develop products with R-162.  The data will provide formulation support for a variety of industries and purposes.  R-162, a waterborne aromatic anionic polyester polyurethane dispersion, was announced to the public this past August by Resinate and is ideally suited for use in coatings for substrates such as aluminum, chrome and steel due to its protective and anti-corrosive properties.  Kris Felice, Director of Product Development, created the starting point formulations for use as an anti-corrosion coating in the automotive industry.  The starting point formulation stands up to the General Motor’s Thermal Shock Test, and beyond that exhibits impressive chemical and physical properties. 

According to Steve Hall, COO, “We have had lots of interest in our R-162 resin since August, and have been fielding numerous questions on how to best incorporate the technology into many products.  This information is essential for clients to determine whether or not the resin is appropriate for their needs.  Dr. Dan Seyer, VP of R&D adds, “This data answers most of the introductory questions about formulating with R-162 and sets for the stage for more in-depth, product specific discussions with our clients.  It also includes specific information for clients interested in specific substrates such as aluminum for example.”

For more information about the starting formulations click on the link below: