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CakeBoxx Technologies Partners with Valspar as Container Coatings Supplier

February 8, 2013

CakeBoxx Technologies, developer of the CakeBoxx doorless intermodal shipping containers, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with The Valspar Corporation as its coatings supplier for a new line of containers. Valspar will supply a full line of premium paints and coatings, including Valspar Aquaguard, for the new CakeBoxx line of patented, doorless intermodal cargo shipping containers. CakeBoxx containers provide secure, cost-effective and damage-resistant container options for the global shipping and transportation market.

“CakeBoxx containers are specifically designed to respond to the evolving market pressures of decreasing margins and increasing security demands,” said Daine Eisold, CEO of CakeBoxx Technologies. “While CakeBoxx inherently addresses these cost and security aspects, this agreement with Valspar will enable us to address the long term serviceability of our products and the growing environmental concerns of our customers by providing an alternative to solvent-based paints. Both Valspar and CakeBoxx are providers of premium products and have the same focus on innovation in our respective industries. It couldn’t be a better fit for us to work together to provide forward-looking solutions for our customers throughout the global supply chain."

“Our strategic partnership with CakeBoxx reinforces Valspar’s shared commitment to innovation and technology leadership in the shipping industry,”,” said Paul McCrory, segment director for Valspar’s global container business. “Valspar’s Aquaguard coating line delivers superior performance while enabling CakeBoxx to improve the sustainability profile of its containers. This combination offers customers a container solution that is unmatched in the industry.”

Valspar has more than 60 years of waterborne coatings expertise in the shipping container industry. Its Aquaguard solution is a cost-effective, sustainable coating used by leading global container manufacturers. In 2012, Valspar Aquaguard was recognized with the Ringier Coatings Innovation award and was nominated in 2011 as the Containerisation International Innovation Technology of the Year and Sustainable Shipping Environmental Innovation of the Year.

“Aquaguard demonstrates Valspar’s focus on providing differentiated coatings that transform industries,” said McCrory. “The technology allows manufacturers to improve their environmental performance by switching from solvent-based, zinc-containing materials to a water-based, zinc-free coating. Its anti-corrosion properties enable containers to stay in service longer with fewer repairs, which creates further value for customers.”