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Brookfield Introduces General Peeling Jig

July 11, 2013

Brookfield Engineering has introduced the TA-GPJ   (General Peeling Jig), which was developed to measure the force required to peel the lid off a sealed container.  A strong adhesive bond is critical to preventing contamination and spoilage, but ease and consistency when opening is equally important to consumers. Manufacturers understand that finding the right lid strength is one more factor that contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The General Peeling Jig can be adjusted to remove the lid at 0°, 45° or 90°. The TA-GPJ is used to measure the lid strength for a growing number of applications including: foods & beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and more.

The Brookfield CT3 Tester is the best value in a stand-alone instrument for physical testing. It combines simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operates in both compression and tension modes. TexturePro CT software enables the operator to automate test procedures and generate valuable analytical data.