DuPont Refinish Launches EL600 Imron Fleet Clear for Commercial Vehicle Repair

July 19, 2013

DuPont Refinish has launched EL600 Imron Fleet Clear, a two-component low-emission clear for commercial vehicle repair based on an acrylic copolymer.

According to the company, EL600 Imron Fleet Clear has many benefits: it has a versatile application window – refinishers can apply in one coat, one-and-a-half coats or two coats, it is easy to apply, has excellent sagging resistance, offers refinishers robust application for large surfaces, and has excellent anti-graffiti properties. It has been developed to give a smooth, high-build finish as well as provide excellent gloss retention with superior durability and chemical resistance, extremely important factors in commercial vehicle repair.
To achieve best results, EL600 Imron Fleet Clear can be used over all DuPont Refinish waterborne basecoats, activated DuPont Refinish solvent-borne basecoats, Imron Fleet Line topcoats when baked or dried overnight, and all sanded and cleaned OEM finishes.