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Mercedes Benz Invest in Advanced Coatings Facility in Vietnam

August 1, 2013

 Mercedes Benz is increasing its investment in Vietnam by opening its first electro-dipping coating facility worldwide in Ho Chi Minh City. The advanced and eco-friendly facility has an investment of nearly $10 million. Mercedes is using Vietnam as a pilot country for this type of plant. Located inside the Mercedes-Benz Vietnam factory in the city’s Go Vap District, the facility covers an area of 5,000 square metres.
The facility eliminates heavy and extremely hazardous metals such as nickel, zinc or manganese, and decreases clean water usage by 40 percent, electrical energy by 40 percent and wastewater by 30 perrcent, compared to traditional phosphate coating technology, according to the company. The electro-dipping coating facility of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam can paint many types of chassis and structural components. This facility will be used for the locally manufactured body frames of GLK, C-Class and E-Class. After installing the plant in Vietnam, the parent firm Daimler will further spread this technology to other countries.