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BASF Unveils Hydropalat WE 3111, a Non-APEO Pigment Wetting Agent for Coatings

August 15, 2013

BASF recently launched Hydropalat WE 3111, a non-APEO pigment wetting agent which provides excellent color acceptance and can be used as a dispersing agent in base paints, according to the company.

According to BASF, Hydropalat WE 3111 outperforms the leading APEO-based mid-high HLB (12-15) surfactants that are extensively used to improve compatibility of base paints with pigmented tints. It demonstrates good performance across multiple paint formulations improves tint strength development over key APEO benchmarks and maintains freeze-thaw stability in paints. As Hydropalat WE 3111 is based on non-APEO chemistry, it can help customers who are seeking to label their products as APEO-free.

Hydropalat WE 3111 offers additional user benefits: It is low odor and contains less than one percent VOC according to EPA Method 24, thus ensuring good indoor air quality. As a result, it is an ideal choice for paints seeking to carry ecolabels.