Sherwin-Williams Introduces MIL-PRF-14105 High Heat

August 21, 2013

The new Sherwin-Williams MIL-PRF-14105 High Heat finish is one of only four approved products available globally to meet this rigorous military standard, having received Army Research Lab (ARL) approval at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Aberdeen, MD, according to the company.

MIL-PRF-14105 specifies that the finish is heat resistant to 1,400 degrees F and withstands wide fluctuations in temperatures from extreme cold to extreme heat without cracking, chipping or flaking. This finish also dries to touch within one hour of application.  This corrosion-resistant finish can be applied directly to metal, and does not require a high film thickness.

Market applications include military, heavy equipment and automotive end-uses. Available in a wide variety of colors, Sherwin-Williams MIL-PRF-14105 High Heat has a lower VOC of 3.39 lb/gal (as applied, less water and federally exempt solvents) and is Volatile HAPs free.

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