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Standox Expands Online Documentation of Historic Colors

August 27, 2013

The classic color documentation from Standox allows vintage car enthusiasts to get an online representation of what their favourite classic car looked like in its original color. To achieve this, the Wuppertal-based paint manufacturer digitized its information of historic vehicle colors. The online documentation has been recently updated and the color codes of 23 additional car marques have been added. The colour formulation for Standox’s Standoblue system for each of these classic colours is now also listed, and can be accessed through three channels: via the online colour search at, using the Standowin color search software, or through the Standox Color Service helpdesk. This Standox classic color information helps professional refinishers precisely match the color when repairing collectors’ items.

New additions to the documentation include the original colors of the Innocenti Mini produced from the mid-1960s. The extended classic color documentation includes for the first time color codes of non-European vintage cars. In addition to Moskvitch and Lada from the former Soviet Union, ten Asian car manufacturers - from Daihatsu to Toyota - feature in the revised information, which is now sorted by car brands, making it even easier to use.

In total, color codes from over 40 international car brands, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo, are available exactly as they were offered at the time. The classic color documentation from Standox not only gives users an idea of what a vintage or classic car might have looked like with its original paintwork, but also what other colors were available at that time. It can be downloaded from as a PDF.