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Chemsultants International Partners with AWA to Offer PSA class in Amsterdam

September 11, 2013

The Introduction to Pressure-sensitive/Self-adhesive Technology Workshop 2013, organized in co-operation with AWA Alexander Watson Associates, is an in-depth two-day opportunity for newcomers to the industry to gain real grounding in the essentials of this key labeling technology. Led by Chemsultants’ director of research and development, Dave McCann, and director of coating operations, Tom Besselman, the workshop is a continuation of an established series of industry training programs
co-hosted by AWA Alexander Watson Associates and Chemsultants International. It takes place on November 4 and 5 at Hotel Casa 400 in Amsterdam.

Chemsultants International is a worldwide leader in polymer-based product development and manufacturing of novel technologies. For nearly 30 years.  Chemsultants International has shared add their expertise and provided creative solutions to companies around the world in medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and industrial markets.

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