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Nano Labs Secures First Contract for Purchase of Intumescent Fire Resistant Coating

September 17, 2013

Nano Labs Corp.has received an order for 27,000 liiters of the company's
proprietary nano coatings. The purchase order was issued to Atencio and Atencio and Nano Labs by
Urban del Golfo S.A. de CV a supplier of products to Pemex.

Atencio and Atencio is a certified maintenance partner of Pemex since 1991 with more than 30 employees who will be carrying out the installation of the intumescent fire resistant coatings at Pemex's Francisco I.
Madero Refinery.

The contract, valued at approx. $630,000  is scheduled to be delivered on or by December 31, 2013.

"We are very pleased with today's announcement. The team has worked very hard propelling business development and today we turned the corner on driving revenue into the company," Nano Labs' president, Bernardo Camacho said.

"Pemex maintains billions of dollars of assets in the field and this is obviously a starting point for us in this niche market within the
petrochemical industry. We are presently in discussions with Pemex's maintenance divisions for our other coating applications as it applies to the various challenges at refineries across Mexico. We are very bullish on the future outlook of our nano coatings in the global
marketplace, and this contract lends great credibility to our nano coating product lines. Our plan is to continue to push hard in the
North America and International markets. We believe this could generate strong revenue streams for the Company, drive us forward into
profitability, and have a positive impact for our shareholders."