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New Fluoropolymer Helps Paper Products Repel Water and Grease While Improving Processing

October 16, 2013

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. has added AG-E070 to its line of AsahiGuard E-SERIES fluoropolymers for sizing in paper, paperboard and pulpvmolding applications. AsahiGuard AG-E070 imparts outstanding oil, grease and watervresistance in paper products without the processing and performance problems associated with many commonly used paper-sizing chemistries. It is FDA-approved for food contactvpaper applications, including fast-food wrappers, bags for microwave popcorn, pet foodvpackaging and pulp-molded products such as clamshells, bowls, sectioned trays andvplates.

Based on C6 chemistry, AsahiGuard AG-E070 is a broad-spectrum, water-based cationicvfluoropolymer. It demonstrates high application efficiency, which means less product is needed to achieve results. This fluoropolymer is PFOA-free at or above detection limits, has no VOCs and no APEO.  AsahiGuard AG-E070 is suitable for internal and external sizing and does not typically
require any additional water size additives. It produces fewer deposits on processing equipment during paper manufacturing, creates very little foam, and will not react with oxidized starch or other coating chemicals. It can be used on recyclable and compostable
paper products.

In addition to having FDA approval, AG-E070 is certified by Food Sanitation Law in Japan
and BfR in the EU, and it is compliant with JCSCL, TSCA and REACH.

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