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DRT is Deploying a New Industrial Tool in the United States

October 23, 2013

DRT, a specialist since 1932 of the valorisation of rosin and turpentine extracted from pine resin, is announcing the upcoming construction of a paper resin distillation plant in the United States.
From the outset DRT has used plant based resources from forestry industry. For example, it makes use of the co-products from the papermaking industry that it distils in order to obtain essences and resins. In order to meet an increasing demand from the market, DRT has decided to increase its distillation capacity and is announcing the construction of a new paper resin distillation plant in the United States.
This new plant will enable DRT to distil locally bought paper resins in the United States. It will enable DRT to secure its existing markets and it will be able to develop new products for the fragrance and terpenic resins market. DRT will therefore strengthen its position as world leader and its place alongside its customers and suppliers.